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VUBMUN is the oldest Belgian Model United Nations society, we train a dedicated team of students who are selected to join our diplomacy team each year to participate in Model UN conferences across the globe. What is MUN? A Model United Nations conference is a conference that simulates the working of United Nations bodies. The diplomacy team members play the role of delegates from a random country which is a member of the UN. They negotiate with their peers on certain topics until they reach an agreement and eventually work towards drafting a resolution that will then be put to vote in committee. Every year the VUBMUN team participates in several such conferences.

The main event is the large Harvard WorldMUN conference organized by Harvard University at a different location in the world each year. This year, VUBMUN will make the trip out to Taipei City for Harvard WorldMUN, as well as to London for LIMUN hosted by King’s College London. VUBMUN also participates in VVNMUN held in Brussels.

Since its founding in 2002 VUBMUN has sought to challenge tomorrow’s leaders to expand their global awareness, discover new experiences, become masters in the art of diplomacy and have the time of their lives! Through embracing the spirit of the United Nations we seek to inspire the global citizen in each of our delegates; that they may act as ambassadors of the interconnected world we live in.


What Our Alumni Say ?

“I never expected to get this much out of just one year of MUN experience. Confidence, knowledge, friends & most of all unforgettable memories. I always joke with friends now that we can switch to “MUN-mode” whenever we have to perform in university or in a professional setting. The whole experience gives you the skills you need to excel and really stand out.”

— Daan Pierson

“I joined VUBMUN to get out of my comfort zone. I must say that participating in MUNs has taught me more than I could have ever imagined! Apart from the expected skills like public speaking, negotiating and writing, I also improved my leadership skills, became a faster learner, and discovered many new interests. Being part of VUBMUN really did help me become my best self. The skills I developed definitely helped my in my professional and personal life later on.”

— Karle De Volder

“I never knew that Sher was honourable, Albanians are as lovely as they are difficult, and that Armenia is actually a country. There are things like the nine-dash line that, for better or worse, I will always remember.”

— Loyle Wesly Campbell

“By going through the difficult moments, and moving on despite so many setbacks, by not taking the easy path and backstabbing your colleges, by not giving up on your core values even with running the risk of losing, by looking for the common ground for the benefit of all, you end up a new person, a potential leader that the world so much needs.”

— Andrei Ratcu