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VUBMUN is the oldest Belgian Model United Nations society, we train a dedicated team of students who are selected to join our diplomacy team each year to participate in Model UN conferences across the globe. What is MUN? A Model United Nations conference is a conference that simulates the working of United Nations bodies. The diplomacy team members play the role of delegates from a random country which is a member of the UN. They negotiate with their peers on certain topics until they reach an agreement and eventually work towards drafting a resolution that will then be put to vote in committee. Every year the VUBMUN team participates in several such conferences.

The main event is the large Harvard WorldMUN conference organized by Harvard University at a different location in the world each year. This year, VUBMUN will make the trip out to Taipei City for Harvard WorldMUN, as well as to London for LIMUN hosted by King’s College London. VUBMUN also participates in VVNMUN held in Brussels.

Since its founding in 2002 VUBMUN has sought to challenge tomorrow’s leaders to expand their global awareness, discover new experiences, become masters in the art of diplomacy and have the time of their lives! Through embracing the spirit of the United Nations we seek to inspire the global citizen in each of our delegates; that they may act as ambassadors of the interconnected world we live in.

Why Join VUBMUN?

Friendships and Connections

At VUBMUN, you’ll form lasting friendships and build valuable connections with students from diverse backgrounds. Our community fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where you can grow both personally and professionally.

Alumni Support

With over 200 alumni, VUBMUN offers a strong network for support and mentorship. Our alumni are actively involved, providing guidance and opportunities for career advancement.

Other Benefits

  • Skill Development: Improve public speaking, negotiation, and research skills.
  • Global Awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of international issues and diplomacy.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Take on leadership roles within the organization.
  • Memorable Experiences: Participate in exciting events and conferences, creating unforgettable memories.

Join VUBMUN to enhance your academic and professional journey while making lifelong friends and connections!

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